If you are a realtor or real estate business service provider with certain years of experience, you may know that the images of the properties play an important role in luring the people. It is just the way you would buy a shirt. The first thing that attracts your attention is the visual elements of the shirt before you touch and feel it. As such, it is important that you need to edit and doll up the images of your properties before uploading it to the website. As this is a tricky thing to do, it is only befitting that you get the support of a reliable agency that provides real estate image editing services to get the results you expect.

In this blog post, we have come up with certain real estate image editing tips that will help you ensure that you have the best picture of your property at hand for uploading.

Replace the Sky

Sky plays an important role in making the property look striking, beautiful and clean all the while improving its visual grandeur. As such real estate photo sky change is an important element that all realtors must take good care of. Always keep in mind that it must be done just as demanded by the image, and overdoing it can definitely make things look even worse. The whole idea behind editing the sky in an image is to concentrate the attention to the property alone and not to drive the attention away from it. If you find it difficult to do it yourself, you can always hire the support of a real estate photo editor to help you with it.

Add or remove furniture

If you would like to enhance the appeal of the room by adding or removing furniture from the image, you can always do that yourself or with the help of a professional real estate image editing company. It is permitted to add or remove furniture in an image and is also one of the easiest ways to enhance the look and feel of a room.

Make sure that you ward off the flash shadows

If you have observed, flash shadows are notorious for rendering great images ordinary and run-of-the-mill. It is important that you get the shadows right when you use flash. It can always take away the very character of the image when it is plagued by flash shadows. Remove flash shadows from doors, window panes and walls to ensure that the images are rendered as they are expected. While this can be a harder task than you would expect, the support from a professional photo editing services provider can help you get the image you always need.

Remember to remove washing lines and power lines

While it is not advised to remove power lines from the images as they are permanent fixtures, temporary fixtures such as protectors placed about the lines when lopping the trees can be edited. Also you can get the help of any real estate photo enhancement services provider to remove the washing lines in order to highlight and bring more attention to the property.

Removing common dirt

Sometimes, you need to digitally remove the dirt from the images taken to ensure that your property appeals well on the website. As it requires the support of a professional image editing services provider to get the result you expect, it is important that you hire one. It would always make sense if you can hire a company who can offer real estate color cast removal services to make the image all the better.

Touch up the property and enhance the same

While technology has made doing business easier, it has also perked the competition up to the next level. This has made selling a property extremely difficult. It has come to a point where having the best property isn’t enough and you need to constantly work to get the good word, and good images, about your property out. This is the major reason that you need to enhance the images of the properties to present the same to the potential buyers in the best possible manner. If you are unable to enhance the images yourself, you can always get the support of a real estate photo editing company that can help you with all the editing you need.

Ensure that you edit the grass

More often than not, grass in the original images can look unappealing and can ruin the aesthetical feel of the entire image. As such, it is always an intelligent move to retouch the grass to make it all the more attractive and fresh-looking. It has to be done carefully to ensure that it looks better and improves the entire image without giving the users any false impression.

Make sure that get the swimming pools filled

If the pool is filled with leaves and dirt, it is only befitting that you remove them using any image editing software yourself or with the help of any professional service provider. You can also fill the pool with water if you do not have water in it. However, enough care must be taken to ensure that the retouching does not give rise to any misconception about the property when looking at the images.

A good website drives the marketing strategy, creating a brand image and updating the customers with latest product information. It is necessary to maintain the website, just like you need to keep up your physical shop. Websites contain images, graphics and visuals that need to be updated. Content, too, needs to be refreshed at regular intervals. When customers view the same content and visuals over a long period of time, there remains nothing exciting for them.



What should you maintain in a website?

It is often found that the first appearance of a new website is impressive. However, as the weeks proceed, the same look of the pages creates a sense of monotony. Your website looks dull and static, and it becomes a mere cluster of familiar images and text. Upkeep of your website is a vital part of your digital marketing strategy and therefore is always advisable to follow website maintenance best practices. The codes of a website should be upgraded from time to time. Website designing and its maintenance are two interlinked aspects. Maintaining your website involves constant upgradation of its design. User experience is something you would always focus on. Ill-maintained websites give a bad impression to the visitors and they move away with a bad experience.


Thinking about costs?

Most of the business firms think that it costs a lot to maintain their website. However, website maintenance is really affordable. It does not indicate that it cannot be used during the entire phase of maintenance. You can continue the normal functioning with your site. The experts from reputed companies offering web design and development services perform the necessary tasks to keep them updated.


What are the benefits of website maintenance?

Website maintenance has a number of benefits. Websites often crash due to lack of maintenance. Imagine what would happen if the website crashes in the middle of a transaction when your customer is making an online purchase.

When you entrust the responsibility of maintaining your website upon a team of dynamic professionals, you can focus on your business with a tension-free tranquil mind.


Website maintenance involves the following aspects.

Management of the website

A typical website contains several modules. Website management indicates that all these modules will be updated on timely basis. For instance, in eCommerce websites, the software of shopping carts should be kept updated. It delivers a better shopping experience to the users. Just carrying out a professional and planned eCommerce web development initially is not enough; regular maintenance is inevitable.


Purging of database

Databases contain a lot of information. Many junk files accumulate in these databases, which might have no more value to the company. Cleaning these materials improves the efficiency of these databases. Certain old materials that are no longer used by the company or its customers should be removed from these areas. Accumulation of junk data degrades the performance of the website. The loading speed of pages decrease and the users have a bad experience on the website. You may rely on a professional company providing exceptional web site maintenance services to get rid of these materials.


Updating of backend

Your visitors may not be able to view the backend of your website. However, it is necessary to maintain this element, as it manages the entire website. The backend code has to be modified and updated on a timely basis, so that you can experience a hassle-free website management system.


Addition of pages and content to your website

Visitors never like to see the same format, contents and images on your website every day. You should think of their visual comfort and update the content regularly. It is important to add new pages to your website when you offer a new service or product. Fresh content and materials on your website keeps it optimized. It can secure a higher rank in the search engines.


The best remedy to get rid of these troubles is to partner with a reliable company offering professional website design services with specialization in redesigning and website maintenance. 

Expanding the client base even for an exceptional designer is increasingly becoming harder than ever. Even with brilliant designing prowess, designers tend to fall back as there always are better professionals with superior ideas.Apart from this dilemma, since clients become more informed, they naturally tend to be more demanding in regard of 3d rendering designs which snowballs the concern.

So, naturally this question pops into your mind ‘how to make sure that the client assigns the job to me rather than someone else?’

This question is relevant for those who want to grow in the industry rather than staying comfortable at the zone that she/he has already created finding solacing in the works that find them.However the greatest danger in any job is the unwillingness to change and become better—the status quo can be a real hard thing to get over with.However, here we will discuss how you can convince your potential clients of the impeccable designer that you are and how your skills and abilities help you bring to life the amazing ideas that you have through 3d design services.



Most designers and architects agree that 3D rendering has become a thing to reckon in the recent past and most clients request to render the designs to get a better idea of how the design will pan out once the project is executed. We have come to an age where 3D dominates the design industry from everything from designing to marketing and project execution. 3d interior and exterior design has become inevitable in real estate industry. 


Now, let us see how 3d architectural rendering design services and visualization can help you in your existing projects.

  • This is the easiest and simplest way to impress even the most demanding of your clients. Taking advantage of the wide plethora of functionalities and operative capabilities of 3D architectural visualization can help you create a sense of purpose and creativity in the eyes of your client coercing him/her to give you the opportunity to prove yourself. And, that is all you need.
  • With the help of the impressive architectural rendering you can always create exceptionally convincing presentations to sweep your client off his/her feet. You can use the product visualization capabilities to present the ideas in the most convincing and impressive manner emphasizing even on the elements that might otherwise be sidelined to get the nod from the client.
  • One of the best perquisites of using quality architectural 3d rendering services is getting instant approval. If you have created an impressive visual presentation, the client can do nothing but approve your design.It also helps to creatively integrate changes and updates as and when required and understand the same instantly.

How to take advantage of 3D rendering to attract new clients?

It is not enough to keep the existing clients impressed, but the real game starts when you take advantage of 3d rendering services to attract new clients. Let us see, how.

  • Design a visually stunning and intelligently plotted portfolio. This is the first thing you must get right. If you are able to bring all your impressive designs and works under a common roof comprehensively, it would be easy for the clients to see and assess how good a designer you are objectively in no time.
  • Take your creative ideas through your social media by publishing the works online. You can always create stunning and realistic 3D visualizations that can attract clients right away on seeing them online.
  • Make sure that you use 3D rendering capabilities to the fullest like any of the best architectural rendering companies to promote yourself in all ways possible. Designs make exceptional impact on anyone looking at it when they are rendered in 3D as it helps to pay attention to the extensive details of the design.

Participate in design contests and win

One of the best ways to promote you as a skilled and competent designer is to participate in various design competition that come up in various platforms. Social media is a great opportunity to make use of the same as it tends to have a lot of competition for designers.

Participating and winning in such competition can help you attract a lot of attention to your skills, which can ultimately help you get a lot of clients from different industry verticals that can become great boost for your career graph.

May be, it is time that you have accepted the fact that 3D is an integral part to convince your client about the beauty and practicality of your design.  And, when you couple your exceptional designing skills with the myriad of opportunities provided by 3D rendering to convince your client, you will have your footing in the industry just the way you would love.

A lot of companies do exist who outsource 3d modeling to startups as well as freelancers so, it’s too a good option. In case you still have any queries feel free to approach us. We would love to help.

Businesses stand to gain significantly by migrating from Flash to technologically advanced HTML5 platform. The migration to html5, although hyped to be tough, can be accomplished by following some simple tips.



Flash had been the dominant medium for business multimedia development. However the incompatibility of Flash with majority of contemporary mobile devices, businesses feels the overpowering need of transferring legacy Flash developments to functional HTML5. Many have already started to convert flash to html5.


Benefits garnered with HTML5 migration

Tablets, smartphones and entire array of mobile platforms are supported by HTML5. Internet browsers of present generation also exhibit support for HTML5 allowing mobile oriented courses to seamlessly operate on desktops/ laptops.  This agility allows saving of time, energy and money as single HTML5 supports cross-platform portability. 

The caveat

Mobile e learning solutions make learning on the go easier; however it is to be ensured that the purported courses are also made available for conventional media. HTML5 does not run on older browsers and hence courses would be rendered useless on laptops/desktops that have these browser versions installed. Substantial budget has to be allocated to upgrade obsolete browsers to newer versions in cross-organization manner. However, the very basic thing is to have an idea regarding flash vs. html5 browser support. 

Support for ‘Learning Management System (LMS)'

Support for mobile learning may not be extended by existing LMS. Newly developed LMS exhibits support for same due to augment flexibility embedded in their underlying codes.

Organizations consequently are left with 2 options i.e. either to go for upgrading of LMS for supporting mobile learning or migrating to advanced LMS that is compatible with mobile solutions. Both conditions demand substantial budget allocation and a robust plan to execute the migration to more advanced contemporary platform.

Security apprehensions

BYOD or Bring Your Own Device is the latest trend in learning delivery mechanism. Learners have the agility of choosing their own device for viewing the courses. Prior planning and proper safety mechanisms have to be ensured for the same. Implementation demands comprehensive identification of requisite security policies. The associated lead time also takes its toll on cost.

Conversion of Flash to HTML5 in business friendly manner

HTML5 offers numerous advantages such as support for all contemporary devices and browsers, augmented flexibility and reduced costs. You have the option of planning the transition from existing Flash based learning courses to HTML5 by adhering to some efficient and business friendly steps. The conversion of flash website to html5 has to be done by keeping underlying points in mind.

Step 1) Enlisting the entire array of courses earmarked for migration

Start by shortlisting all the courses that demand migration from Flash legacy structure to contemporary HTML5. Don’t jump the gun by planning in haste. Instead identify a handful of courses to be transitioned in pilot manner and based on outcomes, plan for the remaining courses.

Step 2) Validation of needful assets and other important mechanism for facilitating migration

You need to ensure that the needful learning courses and underlying source files are properly maintained. This would pave way for smooth and hassle free transition without consuming time or draining your budget.  This is also applicable when you convert interactive swf to html5.

Step 3) Decide which courses should take precedence over others during conversion from Flash to HTML5

Conversion has to be planned carefully so that you don’t end up with a botched system later on. You need to cogitate over various available approaches. All courses would not require the same treatment. Technological tweaking would suffice for certain courses whereas visual design alteration or thorough re-designing would be needed for others.  You need to chalk out a priority list to ensure that courses that demand more attention are ministered to in the first phase.

Step 4) Need delineation i.e. technological upgrading or thorough overhauling

Value that you intend to add in a given course would vary. Migration has to be planned meticulously. 

Recently devised courses are already compliant to HTML5 technology and hence only technological tweaking would suffice.  Compliance courses may seek updates in text matter and visual elements. Legacy Flash courses have obsolete content that can only be re-used in a fresh garb. Here complete redesign from instructional and visual perspectives is needed.

Step 5) Concentrate on performance augmentation you expect to gain

Before embarking on this type of digital conversion services option, you need to appraise the utility of migrating archaic and protracted courses to smaller duration and less bulky mobile friendly solutions. A new and refreshing approach has to be designed to comply with stipulations of cross platform and cross browser. You can also consider putting more emphasis on PST or Performance Support Tools that are complementing formal learning in present scenario through cutting-edge solutions. PSTs are compatible with mobile devices like smartphones and handhelds.

Step 6) Choosing between adaptive or responsive designing

Adaptive designs are tailored for working on cross platforms like handhelds and conventional desktops or laptops. Responsive designs essentially underlie tailored mobile learning solutions that intuitively adapt to various viewing devices like desktops or handhelds.

Authoring tools have to be carefully selected too. The tools can be rapid development type (like Adapt or Articulate Studio) or standard type for creating mobile learning solutions (like Create JS supported Adobe CS version or Articulate Storyline).

Step 7) Always go for sampling to perceive learner convenience

You need to cross check with learners if the effected migration is actually helping them to intuitively benefit more from the new system. You need to validate your approach after the sampling stage to gauge the actual creation of desired impact.

Step 8) Ensuring that all incidental support mechanisms are in place

As discussed earlier, you need to ensure that the browsers are HTML5 compatible, mobile solutions are adequately being supported by new learning management systems, and robust security policies are in place.

The aforementioned tips would certainly assist in planning an efficient approach to facilitate smooth transition of archaic Flash learning systems to HTML5.  Your business stands to benefit immensely from such a strategic move. You can also refer to demos and case studies of other organizations to weigh the pros and cons of your decision when you have plans to migrate flash to html5. The bottom line is that you are planning the transition to bring more value to your business and mitigate potential risks. 

Also read benefits of flash to html5 transition (Tips )

Professional companies offering adobe flash to html5 conversion services typically have a planned approach in place with all risks and value propositions in perspective.

E-book or digitalized version of the conventional printed book gained popularity in the early 2000s after the launch of Franklin eBookman reader in 1999. However, the trend of opting for e-books by e publishing companies over printed counterparts gained strength pretty recently with the advent of sophisticated e-reading devices that offer more convenience during browsing, assures better clarity and other facilities. EReaders, tablets, Kindle etc. have taken the literary market by storm by dint of their cost efficiency, ease of handling, and optimum reading convenience. Another shot in the arm for e-books is the widespread penetration of smartphones among masses. E-book reading applications can be installed with relative ease on smartphones and one can enjoy his/ her favourite book in high definition mode anytime and anywhere.



E-book reading devices that have added a new dimension to the digital reading space:

The devices fall under different categories and offer cross-platform reading pleasure.


Dedicated devices that facilitate e-book reading

  • Amazon Kindle

Kindle blazed the trail for other devices to follow suit. Towards the end of 2011, Amazon introduced the 4th Gen version that boasts of wi-fi access and can be controlled in five ways. The device’s protracted battery life and innovative e-ink screen that purportedly reduces the strain on reader’s eyes have contributed to Kindle’s popularity. Kindle is versatile in the sense that it can read literally all e-book formats i.e. pdf, mobi, epub, prc and txt. This is why kindle conversion too is in huge demand.


  • Barnes & Noble Nook

The e-book reading platforms offered by Barnes & Noble include Android OS powered Nook Color, Nook, and Nook Simple Touch. Reader can browse to the eBook store of Barnes & Noble and can easily download titles of his choice. However, the devices don’t support .doc, .docx, and .pdfebook extensions.


  • BeBook Neo

Endless Ideas BV is the maker of this device. The company, with its roots in Holland, is the leading producer of electronic items for home and commercial uses. Neo’s exclusive features include ergonomic designing, prolonged battery life, and open-market concept that make reading experience more intense. Equipped with Wacom touch screen, readers can avail of 16GB internal storage for maintaining their favourite titles within the device.


  • Kobo e-reader

The reader is greeted with lots of free titles as soon as he purchases the Kobo e-reader. The reader offers support for Adobe Drm, epub, and pdf versions. 


  • Sony Reader

The most contemporary Reader Wi-Fi from Sony allows hassle free downloading of titles from wireless supportive public libraries. The extensions supported include Adobe DRM powered or independent epub and pdf, txt, doc, mp3, aac, rtf, gif, bmp, png and jpg.


Tablet mode e-reading devices

  • Apple iPad

iBookstore run by Apple Inc. allows easy download of ebooks on iPad through the complimentary iBook application. A convenient reading platform, one can also download Kobo and Kindle applications.


  • Samsung Galaxy Tab

Despite having a smaller shape, its strategic suitability as a convenient eBook reader is indisputable. The Kindle application comes pre-installed. Further, the reader can also use Kobo and Nook applications downloaded from Google Play Store.


  • HP Touchpad Tablet

Preinstalled Kindle application offers readers optimum delight and also connects them to the Kindle store from where one can download umpteen numbers of reasonably priced eBooks.


Smartphone or mobile reading devices

  • Apple iPhone

One can download Stanza reading software for free from Apple’s App Store accessible via iTunes and enjoy reading his favourite titles. IPhone extends support for Barnes & Noble and Kindle applications to facilitate reading of eBooks with prc and mobi extensions.


  • Android phones

The widely used Android OS driven smartphones can avail of the services of Aldikoebook reading application for downloading, managing and reading titles. However, more functional apps are present in Play Store to facilitate hassle free reading such as Kindle for Android, Word Player, and FBReader.


  • Windows Phones

Smartphones running Windows Mobile OS offer facility for using an extensive range of eBook reading applications such as Kobo, Microsoft Reader, Iceberg, Mobipocket eBook Reader etc.


Ebook reading applications for desktop

  • Adobe Digital Editions

This eBook reader is the widely used desktop application and offers comprehensive support for ePub table of contents and pdf. The device interfaces with Project Gutenberg site and allows free download of available titles.


  • Microsoft Reader

This desktop app can be downloaded free of cost and is compatible across all laptop and desktop models. Readers can search for words’ meanings in the bundled up dictionary and scribble notes along the margins. However, support is offered for .lit extension of Microsoft only.


Online eBook reading application

  • Bookworm

Reader can access this epub reader over the internet. Support is extended for ePub table of contents. EBooks are displayed in CSS and HTML modes.


EBook reading market is experiencing significant developments in recent times and newer features are surfacing frequently that makes digital reading optimally convenient. If you are planning to embrace this digital revolution, seek assistance from any of the best companies offering ePub conversion services. Also read some of the best tips for creating eBooks for tablets


There are a lot of companies offering eBook conversion services. India is however, the most suitable hub if you need impeccable quality services at reasonable rates and within shortest turnaround time.