Photos snapped during wedding capture the memories of a lifetime. As a wedding photographer, you need to retouch the raw photos in lively manner so as to live up to the expectations of your clients. Factoring in the hectic schedules, wedding venue’s distance from your studio, consecutive weddings to be attended, and the tedious image editing process, you may find yourself at the end of your wits. No matter how effective the wedding photo editing tips you follow are, time management becomes a real issue during peak marriage season. You may be having a lot of projects in queue.



Image retouching carried out solely would consume bulk of your time and this is a fact every photographer has to accept. Say for example, you had shot about 5000 pictures and spots, smudges, colour retouching etc. have to be done individually for each picture. This would take about five hours on an average and would leave you sapped of energy. Alternately, if you consider outsourcing the retouching process, there could be a misconception that you have to bail out significant sums of money to avail of the services of an ace image editor. However, this is not always true. There are a lot of expert service providers offering wedding photo retouching for photographers at really reasonable rates. Besides, from a constructive standpoint, you can utilize the time saved for taking up new orders and making some quick bucks capturing the couples holding each other in their tight embraces. So, spending time and investing effort in snapping is obviously going to be more productive.

In the capacity of a wedding photographer, you have to capture in an excess of thousand snaps per wedding event so that you can hand over a minimum of four hundred brilliantly retouched snaps to the couples. This would keep you on your toes literally. As a professional photographer, you have to rely on cutting edge image editing software like Lightroom or Adobe Photoshop to carry out fundamental wedding photography retouching like deleting minor eyesores from the pictures, enhancing the sharpness of image to ensure that colour distribution appears tasteful, smothering the skin etc. If you are a dilettante and not adept with the intricacies of the software, you may end up taking humongous amounts of time attending to the retouching needs of the captured snaps. Never make the costly mistake of skipping the post processing of wedding photos just to save time and taking the feelings of the clients for granted. This would convey a negative impression of your capabilities and word of mouth advertisement would cause your business to decline. You would hate this to happen.

The way out is to get in touch with companies offering wedding photo post processing services that would skilfully do the retouching job at competitive rates and would even offer handsome discounts for long term professional alliance. You can search for a reliable service through Google or can seek references from your contacts. Before hiring, do cross-check the amount of time they would need to deliver. There is a caveat for those who may go for cheap online services. Such companies offering dirt cheap rates may take as much as two weeks or more to edit and deliver the optimized pictures.

Post production photo editing

Culling is the first action and can take as long as an hour. Prior to that, you should shortlist the photos that would certainly leave the couple spellbound. The style quotient for the photos should be same and blurring of any type is not acceptable. Any compromise would undermine your reputation.

Next come correction of colour wherein the central tone of the photoset is fixed.  Spots where colour has been smudged, hue balance is improper, saturation and exposure levels are unsatisfactory have to be set right. Never shy away from experimenting with the tint and temperature of the colours to offer warmth to the rendered images. Compensate the shadows and highlight the thrust areas adequately. In this context, one must remember that the appeal of black and white images far surpasses that of colour pictures.

Artistic editing may be demanded by couples so as to look impeccable on the wedding day. This calls for removal of the red eye effect, smudges, erratic spots, stray grain etc. You need to smother the skin so as to weed out any prospect of looking gross or heavily smeared with make-up. You can also reduce the weight of the client with the advanced editing. You have to delete the wrinkles, alter the background, and implement artistic heightening of the image as per the demand of the client. The ultimate wedding album needs to be meticulously designed.

By outsourcing photo editing services to an expert company, you need not worry any more. The professional here will take care of all the said things.

Assistance extended by editors

 At the ground level, you can’t expect to capture the most accurate image. This is despite the fact that light is adequate, proper make-up is in place, and the correct poses have been struck. An editor offering exceptional photo retouching services is inevitable for a professional photographer who wants to excel in his business. Time is at a premium and only a professional editor can come to the rescue of the photographer crunched for time.  An experienced digital image retouching expert is your best friend when it comes to adding a new dimension to the images clicked at the marriage ceremony. Thus wedding photo editing outsourcing is an investment that can bring great returns for you. The only thing is that you should sort out and finalize the best service provider.