In a business world where fierce competition to win over customers is only the new normal, top-notch customer service is no longer a luxury but a necessity to keep the business alive. Businesses spend a lot of their time, efforts and financial resources to ensure that they are able to provide their customers with exceptional customer services to improve customer satisfaction and brand image. As a result of this, businesses often hire high-value contact centers with impeccable personnel and technological infrastructures to deliver such customer care and call center services that can compete with other players in the market and grab the attention of the customers.



If you are in the hunt of ways to enhance the effectiveness of your call center in 2017, given below is a list of 10 trends that you want to follow to improve your call center operations.

Multifarious channels for customer communication:

 It is extremely important that a business keeps interacting with the customers regularly and how you communicate has become more important than ever, as well. It is natural that in 2017, the number of media or platforms that a business would normally use to interact with its customers will increase manifold. Not matter whether a business uses telephones or other internet aided platforms to interact with the customers, innovation is the key and the buzz word to go after is “Omni-channel”. Keep in mind that the strategy you follow across the platforms is unique and consistent for better results. Thinking out of the box is going to become really crucial. Even creative approaches in communication by a call center professional would be appreciated.

The cloud is everywhere - catch it:

In 2017, more clients will look to take advantage of having their contact and call centers on the new reality, which is the cloud. It is assumed that most of the G2K organization will use the cloud to host their contact center operations and store their sensitive secure client information in a secured space in the cloud. This will ultimately bring in more number of virtual call and contact centers. Adopting the cloud will bring impeccable benefits such as operative flexibility, economical operations, prompt service deliverance and better scalability. So, you must to miss the great opportunity bestowed.

Customer self help:

This relates with the customers who do not want to interact with a person or IVR to get their issue sorted out. Most of them would prefer to visit the company website, run a search and follow a couple of instructions to get their issue addressed. The number of these scenarios will increase and organisation that take advantage of such a phenomenon and enhance the effectiveness of the same will stand to gain in the future as well. Providing instructive videos and comprehensive FAQ can be really effective for this purpose. This is what most of the outsourcing companies endorse as well.

The opportunities of video chat:

Clearly one of the exciting developments in the ecommerce is video chat. It has the potential to offer extremely personalized support to the customers and become the next coolest thing in the contact center industry. Though some major ecommerce players have started adopting the same, most are yet to take advantage of the same. Yet, this trend is one to carefully watch for. People love personalized support and nothing can be more personalized that a face to face communication which only live video chat offers. This can thus be one of the best call center solutions for small business looking forward to widen their customer base.

Social media is the new customer base:

If you have noticed, social media is the place where customers are most accessible at. These days, almost all have at least one social media account in which they are active. With the wide scope and opportunities provided by social media to interact, converse and engage with the customers, social media customer service can easily become one of the most effective support platforms for customers. Though many players take advantage of the same, it has to be improved drastically to influence the customer satisfaction levels. Be prompt, professional yet friendly in social media channels. Value customer opinions and deal with all types of customers strategically to make them loyal towards your business and brand.

Performance management:

Even after having excellent working environments, work culture and impeccable technological infrastructure, the quality of your customer-experience depends largely on the quality of your human resource. Hence, there will be incredible demand for performance management or quality management systems for better understanding of employee performance. Else relying on professional companies with great track record in offering high quality call center outsourcing services would be a great option

Advent of virtual agents:

In competition with each other, companies want to improve customer experience at each and every instance. As a result, companies will look forward to invest in such technologies that provide dedicated virtual assistance supports from companies offering outsourcing services to reduce their time waiting in queues to resolve their issues.

Insight generation from patterns:

This has become an important facet of call center evolution that predicts future customer behaviours and patterns. As customers need better assistance quickly, organisations would be forced to invest in programs that can analyze previous interactions to predict their future behaviours and preferences. This is one of the most effective contact center trends that keep companies in safe zones guiding them in making strategic investments.

Quality over number:

Companies will strive to improve their quality scores rather than increasing the transactions they carry out of the customers they support. Though this is not a new change, the focus will be more on quality in the coming years than the previous years. So, contact center operations have to be tweaked accordingly.

Fever vendors and sensitized call center staff:

Another important trend to consider is that the companies will look forward to reducing the number of vendors and hire services of those who can provide comprehensive services under the same roof, which makes a lot of sense financially and technically to the company. Also, there will be more efforts to sensitize call center resources to be more knowledgeable about various cultures in the world.

One other thing is that, your efforts to improve your customer support is, under any circumstances, only as good as your talent behind the desk. Hire the best talent with the drive and passion to support your customers. Or outsource your customer service requirements to a reliable offshore outsourcing center. Call center outsourcing pricing  matters but don’t sacrifice quality by any means.