E-book or digitalized version of the conventional printed book gained popularity in the early 2000s after the launch of Franklin eBookman reader in 1999. However, the trend of opting for e-books by e publishing companies over printed counterparts gained strength pretty recently with the advent of sophisticated e-reading devices that offer more convenience during browsing, assures better clarity and other facilities. EReaders, tablets, Kindle etc. have taken the literary market by storm by dint of their cost efficiency, ease of handling, and optimum reading convenience. Another shot in the arm for e-books is the widespread penetration of smartphones among masses. E-book reading applications can be installed with relative ease on smartphones and one can enjoy his/ her favourite book in high definition mode anytime and anywhere.



E-book reading devices that have added a new dimension to the digital reading space:

The devices fall under different categories and offer cross-platform reading pleasure.


Dedicated devices that facilitate e-book reading

  • Amazon Kindle

Kindle blazed the trail for other devices to follow suit. Towards the end of 2011, Amazon introduced the 4th Gen version that boasts of wi-fi access and can be controlled in five ways. The device’s protracted battery life and innovative e-ink screen that purportedly reduces the strain on reader’s eyes have contributed to Kindle’s popularity. Kindle is versatile in the sense that it can read literally all e-book formats i.e. pdf, mobi, epub, prc and txt. This is why kindle conversion too is in huge demand.


  • Barnes & Noble Nook

The e-book reading platforms offered by Barnes & Noble include Android OS powered Nook Color, Nook, and Nook Simple Touch. Reader can browse to the eBook store of Barnes & Noble and can easily download titles of his choice. However, the devices don’t support .doc, .docx, and .pdfebook extensions.


  • BeBook Neo

Endless Ideas BV is the maker of this device. The company, with its roots in Holland, is the leading producer of electronic items for home and commercial uses. Neo’s exclusive features include ergonomic designing, prolonged battery life, and open-market concept that make reading experience more intense. Equipped with Wacom touch screen, readers can avail of 16GB internal storage for maintaining their favourite titles within the device.


  • Kobo e-reader

The reader is greeted with lots of free titles as soon as he purchases the Kobo e-reader. The reader offers support for Adobe Drm, epub, and pdf versions. 


  • Sony Reader

The most contemporary Reader Wi-Fi from Sony allows hassle free downloading of titles from wireless supportive public libraries. The extensions supported include Adobe DRM powered or independent epub and pdf, txt, doc, mp3, aac, rtf, gif, bmp, png and jpg.


Tablet mode e-reading devices

  • Apple iPad

iBookstore run by Apple Inc. allows easy download of ebooks on iPad through the complimentary iBook application. A convenient reading platform, one can also download Kobo and Kindle applications.


  • Samsung Galaxy Tab

Despite having a smaller shape, its strategic suitability as a convenient eBook reader is indisputable. The Kindle application comes pre-installed. Further, the reader can also use Kobo and Nook applications downloaded from Google Play Store.


  • HP Touchpad Tablet

Preinstalled Kindle application offers readers optimum delight and also connects them to the Kindle store from where one can download umpteen numbers of reasonably priced eBooks.


Smartphone or mobile reading devices

  • Apple iPhone

One can download Stanza reading software for free from Apple’s App Store accessible via iTunes and enjoy reading his favourite titles. IPhone extends support for Barnes & Noble and Kindle applications to facilitate reading of eBooks with prc and mobi extensions.


  • Android phones

The widely used Android OS driven smartphones can avail of the services of Aldikoebook reading application for downloading, managing and reading titles. However, more functional apps are present in Play Store to facilitate hassle free reading such as Kindle for Android, Word Player, and FBReader.


  • Windows Phones

Smartphones running Windows Mobile OS offer facility for using an extensive range of eBook reading applications such as Kobo, Microsoft Reader, Iceberg, Mobipocket eBook Reader etc.


Ebook reading applications for desktop

  • Adobe Digital Editions

This eBook reader is the widely used desktop application and offers comprehensive support for ePub table of contents and pdf. The device interfaces with Project Gutenberg site and allows free download of available titles.


  • Microsoft Reader

This desktop app can be downloaded free of cost and is compatible across all laptop and desktop models. Readers can search for words’ meanings in the bundled up dictionary and scribble notes along the margins. However, support is offered for .lit extension of Microsoft only.


Online eBook reading application

  • Bookworm

Reader can access this epub reader over the internet. Support is extended for ePub table of contents. EBooks are displayed in CSS and HTML modes.


EBook reading market is experiencing significant developments in recent times and newer features are surfacing frequently that makes digital reading optimally convenient. If you are planning to embrace this digital revolution, seek assistance from any of the best companies offering ePub conversion services. Also read some of the best tips for creating eBooks for tablets


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